(CZ) Introducing a relief project in regard to COVID-19

by JMT
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(Please note that this article is relevant exclusively to the Czech market)

Wherever you are, we sincerely hope that you are safe and in good health during these globally challenging times. To combat the negative economic effects of the public health crisis, we are rolling out our new project "kompenzace.eu" aimed at individuals as well as businesses who may be eligible for relief measures introduced by the Czech government.

Immediately after the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus (or SARS-CoV-2, if you will) hit Europe, we have been getting questions about the possible effects of a pandemic on businesses in the EEA. While researching the emergency measures as well as the initial hints of state aid enacted by the Czech government, we realized that with official information released incrementally and often without further explanation as to who is eligible and how to apply for relief measures, there was a chance for us to step in, bring order to chaos and help connect those in need with those in the know.

With the platform (accessible here https://kompenzace.eu), we focus on three types of parties, disadvantaged due to emergency measures (e.g. quarantine, mandatory leaves of absence, caring for children, suspended operations, etc.), namely:

1. Natural persons - individuals, who may be eligible for extraordinary monetary contributions;

2. Self-employed people - individual entrepreneurs, who may be eligible for extraordinary monetary contributions and interest-free loans;

3. Corporate clients - businesses, who may be eligible for reimbursement of costs and interest-free loans;

With certain relief measures aimed at the economically most vulnerable, such as nursing contributions and extraordinary immediate aid (where both the 1. and 2. category may be eligible), we offer consulting services and administrative assistance free of charge, through a network of volunteers. The remaining scenarios help us generate unique leads, which we distribute among our professional partners, experienced in providing state-aid advice.

Please get in touch with us, if you would like to collaborate.

Thank you.


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