The story of NetVentures

by JMT

What is our story? Where have we been to find ourselves here today? Where do we aim to be?

NetVentures was founded in Prague in 2011 by a team of university freshmen, engaging in a wide array of IT-related solutions, e.g. web design, graphical design, IT support and network administration. After a modest start, it became clear that the true potential of the brand as well as the slowly expanding team behind it, lie in much more comprehensive assignments than just keeping networks running, building websites and creating fancy graphics. With more and more clients actually seeking advice rather than another creative presentation, NetVentures slowly started expanding into the consulting world, meeting many talented individuals in the process. Some of these individuals soon became friends and we are very proud to count them into our team today.

Educating themselves in their diverse fields, such as law, finance, international trade, IT, etc., the team soon began to acquire practical experience with headlining deals of the region, expanding their professional networks and finding additional opportunities to not only learn more but actually do more, too.

Today, NetVentures proudly provides both new and established business players of the EEA with innovative advice regarding strategy, market-entry, introduction of new technologies, public and government relations and the presence of their brands. NetVentures is always prepared to go the extra yard and manage the desired part of a client's project itself, a strategy that has proven highly effective with multiple start-up projects, matching experienced managers with innovative ideas.

While NetVentures may seem rather boutique-y in comparison with the global consulting behemoths, we are ready to take on challenges of any size, big or small, provided that a key ingredient is always present - the desire for success.

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